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How to purchase materials using the order envelope

  1. Mark the column of the materials you wish to purchase with a circle.
  2. After confirming the total price of the materials, put the money in the envelope. Please enclose the exact amount, so no change is necessary.
  3. Write the school's name, as well as your name.
  4. After you have finished filling out the form, please give the envelope and enclosed money to the teacher.


Calligraphy sets contain tools for writing characters using a brush. They are used in lessons and at home.

Shodo kesu

With this case, you can easily carry and protect your supplies. It can store many different supplies.


This brush is made of animal hair, and by using it along with our ink, you can write in calligraphy. This brush is intended for thick lettering. The Hikka brush has a mark on the handle, indicating where to hold it.


This brush is made of animal hair, and by using it along with our ink, you can write in calligraphy. This brush is intended for finer calligraphy, such as writing your name.

Keiryo suzuri

This inkstone is for adding ink to your brush during calligraphy. It is lightweight. The front side of the inkstone can be used to produce ink by rubbing an inkstick. The back side can be used with our bottled ink.


This convenient bottled ink can be used immediately, without preparation.

Jasuto bunchin

These paperweights can be used to prevent your calligraphy paper from blowing away or moving. Set of 2.


Inksticks are used by rubbing them on the surface of the inkstone to produce ink for writing brush calligraphy. The ink can then be applied to the brush.

Maruchi mizusashi

This water bottle is used to add water to the inkstone. By using this, you can adjust the concentration of the ink.

Kantan fudemaki

This roll-up brush case is used to store and protect your calligraphy brushes. It is made to allow for easy drying of the brush tips.

Keiseniri shitajiki

This mat is placed under the calligraphy paper when writing with a brush. It provides a good surface for ease of writing, as well as preventing ink stains under the paper. It is ruled to assist in writing calligraphy neatly.

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