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How to purchase materials using the order envelope

  1. Mark the column of the materials you wish to purchase with a circle.
  2. After confirming the total price of the materials, put the money in the envelope. Please enclose the exact amount, so no change is necessary.
  3. Write the school's name, as well as your name.
  4. After you have finished filling out the form, please give the envelope and enclosed money to the teacher.


With the supplies in our sewing sets, you can sew during a home economics lesson or at home.

Saiho baggu

With this bag, you can easily carry and protect your supplies. It can store many different supplies.


This set is a compact way to keep frequently used supplies. It is also very convenient to carry. The set includes supplies such as needles, thread, pincushion, and seam ripper. It also includes a ruler so that you can make marks easily.

Rokkushiki itokiribasami

These scissors are for cutting thread. They include a locking feature for safe use. You can choose right-handed or left-handed versions.


These scissors are for cutting fabric. You can choose right-handed or left-handed versions.

Chako penshiru

These pencils are for marking your fabric. Set of 2.

Meja jidoshiki

This is a tape measure for sewing. It can measure up to 2 meters. It retracts automatically.

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