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How to purchase materials using the order envelope

  1. Mark the column of the materials you wish to purchase with a circle.
  2. After confirming the total price of the materials, put the money in the envelope. Please enclose the exact amount, so no change is necessary.
  3. Write the school's name, as well as your name.
  4. After you have finished filling out the form, please give the envelope and enclosed money to the teacher.


Painting sets contain supplies for painting pictures. They are used in lessons and at home.

Gazai kesu

With this case, you can easily carry and protect your supplies. It can store many different supplies.

Jasuto hissen

This container is for cleaning your paintbrushes. Made from semi-transparent materials, it is easy to check the water level.

Gahitsu atorabo 15go

This is a thick-tipped brush used for painting. It has an easy-to-hold grip.

Gahitsu atorabo 6go

This is a fine-tipped brush used for painting. It has an easy-to-hold grip.

Gahitsu atorabo hirafude

This is a flat-tipped brush used for painting. It can be used to paint over a broad area. It has an easy-to-hold grip.

Jasuto fudezutu

This is a case for storing your paintbrushes and protecting their tips. It features the ability to hold your brushes firmly in place, exclusive to Art Labo brushes.


These are paints.

Jasuto paretto

This is a board on which you can mix your paint. It has a finger hole in the middle, so you can easily balance the opened palette in your hand.

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