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Enjoyable School Life 1-6th Grade

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This teaching material comes very close to how a regular textbook is arranged. It is the first of the kind in the area of tokkatsu. Tokkatsu, as it is presented here, is based on the new national curriculum standards. Tokkatsu is being implemented in elementary schools from 2018, as a transitional period. Classroom activities, in which children engaged in classroom matters together, is one of the core components of tokkatsu. Previously, it was divided into areas 1 and 2. In the new curriculum, “classroom activities 3” was newly established, and it is understood as the core of career education.

This textbook, includes the new career education component in tokkatsu; the teaching material will help the students enjoy their school life!


Today, “the ability of tokkatsu” in the development of the child is being reevaluated. In fact, the school which emphasizes tokkatsu, is transformed into places in which students and school groups become engaged in self-directed and cooperative learning, do not tolerate bullying, and places which non-attendance is rare. Such transformation, the building of a basis, helps the school engage better in other educational issues it faces.
We have thus published a new textbook that is fully updated-with the career education component and the feedback recording component to the original version. By using this material, the student would be able to reflect on what they thought and worked on during their elementary school years. We hope this teaching material would be of use in every school.

Professor, Kokugakuin University
Former Inspector for the Elementary and Secondary Education Bureau,Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Japan

Hiroshi Sugita

Merits of the Book

As a teaching resource for teachers

Diverse and rich information, fun teaching resources

Effective learning materials based on the children’s daily life

Places to record goal-setting and reflections

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1st〜6th Grade:Full-Color Printing/64pages/210×297mm
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1st〜6th Grade:Black-and-White Printing/32pages/210×297mm
Price:1,500Yen+Tax (each)

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